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Returns Policy


In some instances, you may have purchased from BeautyWorks either on-line or in-store that you wish to return.  We will consider the following instances where this may be considered appropriate:

  1. The product is "not fit for purpose” (as per the guidelines of the ACCC).
  2. The product is faulty or damaged on arrival.
  3. The product received was different to what was ordered.
  4. The product created a skin reaction or irritation.
  5. The product is an Electrical Appliance, and it needs to be repaired or replaced under the Manufacturer’s Warranty Policy.

Please note: For health and safety reasons, aerosol products are non-returnable via post and it must be returned to a store.

We aim to resolve return application requests as soon as possible.

How to Start a Return Application

To initiate a Return Application, please contact our Customer Care staff at BeautyWorks within 14 days of the purchase date. Simply email us at and outline your claim for a return subject to the above-mentioned conditions.  Make sure you have included your Order/Receipt Number or your customer details if you are a VIP Member as this will be handy for our team can validate your purchase.  Please help us by adding photgraphs, video and a description to your Returns Application

Return Applications have a review process and some applications may take longer to be resolved. Once we receive your application, you will be contacted to communicate whether you have a legitimate claim.  The Customer Care team will outline the reasons for their decision and provide appropriate progress updates of your application until the case is closed. We will endevour to provide you with a quick outcome taking in account the Australian Consumer Laws that assist in this process.

Change of Mind Return

Consumers are not entitled to a repair, replacement or refund under the Australian Consumer Laws if they got what they asked for but simply "changed their mind", "found a cheaper product", or decided "they didn't like the purchase" or "had no use for it" following the purchase. 

We do not accept a "Change of Mind" as a legitimate reason to return the product. We endeavour to make sure that the product is sold as described and you have purchased the product under your free will at the time of purchase.

Return Acceptance Requirements

If Customer Care determines that the product should be replaced or repaired, the following is required to be authorised:

  1. The Returned product needs to be unopened, unused and in its original packaging.
  2. If the Returned product will be inspected by the Customer Care team for this compliance. 
  3. If it is not in this condition, you will be denied a refund and the product will be returned back to you. 
  4. You maybe required to pick this up at the store or charged for shipping back to you.
  5. Do not use or dispose of the product until you have contacted our Customer Service Team and received a response
  6. Customer Care will inspect the returned product and if it is found not be as described by you may use its discretion to deny the refund.
  7. Customer Care repair or replace the product at its discretion instead of a refund. 

Faulty or Leaking/Damaged Product

If you have received a faulty or leaking/damaged product, please contact our Customer Service Team within 7 days with photos of the issue and proof that it has leaked into the packaging or shipping box. Commence your return application, your receipt and photos and a detailed description so we can resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Please note: Do not dispose of the product until you have contacted our Customer Service Team, you have received a response, and you have followed the instructions issued to you as you will not be eligible for a refund, repair or replacement if you haven’t followed these steps.

For any faulty goods we may need to contact our suppliers and follow their specific Returns Policy process, so it is possible your Return might take longer than expected.

Incorrect or Missing Item

If you are missing an item or have received the wrong product, please take a photo of the incorrect product and a link, screenshot or order confirmation receipt of the correct product or description that you’ve ordered and send these to our Customer Service Team at within 14 days of delivery.

Electrical Appliance Returns

For all Hair Appliance and Electrical item Returns, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer directly for faster support as all electrical appliances are genuinely supported by the manufacturer under their comprehensive warranty.

Before returning a Hair Appliance or Electrical item, please speak to our Customer Service Team 1300 3663 81 (option 1) or email to provide you with the contact details of the appropriate brand supplier.

In general, all hair appliances and electricals will only be accepted as a return if the product has not been used and is in its original packaging.

If your hair appliance is faulty and within the warranty period, this can be returned to us for testing. If our suppliers do not deem your product faulty, it will be returned to you with an extra shipping charge to be paid before the product is sent back to you.

Skin Reactions and Allergy Issues

If you happen to have a reaction to one of the products, discontinue the use of the product immediately and please contact our Customer Service Team with photos and a description of the issue.

Please understand, for any reactions or allergy issues, we will need to contact our suppliers and follow a specific procedure, so it is possible your Return may take longer than 2 weeks while the supplier investigates the issue. We will aim to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Special consideration is taken in regard to Return Application that has caused an allergic reaction to the product.  If you have a bad or unusual skin reaction, an unusual body reaction, difficulty in breathing or anything that is not normal after using the product, immediately call 000 Emergency and ask for an Ambulance. The 000 Emergency team is a free public service. They will ask you specific questions to help diagnose the issue and determine the best course of action.

If the item is considered to be faulty, this product may need to be assessed by the supplier or the manufacturer of this product.  This may lead to a longer than normal period to respond to your Return Application.

Successful Return Application

Subject to the discretion of Customer Care, your Return Application will have deemed to have met all the terms and conditions mentioned above and you will be notified that your return application is successful.  In this instance, you may be issued with a choice for a direct replacement product, a product repair, an equivalent product, a refund or a digital voucher of the same value or value difference.  In some instances, Customer Care may not be able to offer this choice and simply offer a return.

If a refund return is approved, the refund must be made to the same payment method that was used when purchasing the product as this is performed by the banking institution not by us.